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Nebraska's 1st Legislative District is located in the southeastern part of Nebraska. It contains Johnson, Richardson, Pawnee, Nemaha, and most of Otoe County. While the district has changed in size over the years, it has remained largely the same since the first unicameral election in 1936.

List of State Senators From LD1

Senator Party affiliation Residence Years in Office Notes
Charles Dafoe Democratic Tecumseh 1937-1939
Joseph Carrol Reavis Republican Falls City 1939-1941
Otto Kotouc Jr. Democratic Humboldt 1941-1943
Joseph Carrol Reavis Republican Falls City 1943-1947
Harold Prichard Democratic Falls City 1947-1949
Charles Vogt Jr. Republican Liberty 1949-1951
Otto Kotouc Sr. Democratic Humboldt 1951-1959
John R. Cooper Sr. Republican Humboldt 1959-1961 Ran for Governor in 1960.
Lloyd Stalder Democratic Humboldt 1961-1965
Calista Cooper Hughes Republican Humboldt 1965-1969
Irving Wiltse Republican Falls City 1969-1977
Nelson Merz Democratic Falls City 1977-1981
R. Wiley Remmers Republican Auburn 1981-1989
Spencer Morrissey Democratic Tecumseh 1989-1993
Floyd Vrtiska Republican Table Rock 1993-2005
Lavon Heidemann Republican Elk Creek 2005-2013 Term-Limited
Dan Watermeier Republican Syracuse 2013-2019 Resigned. Elected to Public Service Commission
Julie Slama Republican Peru 2019-Present Appointed by Gov. Pete Ricketts