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List of State Senators From LD10

Senator Party affiliation Residence Years in Office Notes
Ernest Arthur Adams Republican Omaha 1937-1943
Clifford Neville Ogden Republican Omaha 1943-1947
Henry D. Kosman Republican Omaha 1947-1949 Resigned
Clifford Neville Ogden Republican Omaha 1949-1951 Appointed
William S. Moulton Republican Omaha 1951-1965
Clifton Batchelder Republican Omaha 1965-1971
John Savage Republican Omaha 1971-1979
Carol McBride Pirsch Republican Omaha 1979-1997
Deb Suttle Democratic Omaha 1997-2003 Appointed by Gov. Ben Nelson. Elected in 1998. Defeated in 2002.
Mike Friend Republican Omaha 2003-2009 Resigned
Bob Krist Republican (2009-17)
Independent (2017-18)
Democratic (2018-19)
Omaha 2009-2019 Appointed by Gov. Dave Heineman. Elected in 2010.
Term-Limited. Changed parties to run for Governor in 2018.
Wendy DeBoer Democratic Omaha 2019-Present