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List of State Senators From LD2

Senator Party affiliation Residence Years in Office Notes
Robert McDowell Armstrong Republican Auburn 1937-1939
Frank Sorrell Democratic Syracuse 1939-1947
John McKnight Republican Auburn 1947-1952
Floyd Pohlman Republican Auburn 1952-1953
John Aufenkamp Republican Julian 1953-1961
William Brandt Republican Unadilla 1961-1965
Rick Budd Republican Nebraska City 1965-1970
J.D. Mullen Republican Nebraska City 1970-1971
Calvin Carsten Republican Avoca 1971-1987
Roger Wehrbein Republican Plattsmouth 1987-2007 Term-Limited
Dave Pankonin Republican Louisville 2007-2011 Resigned
Paul Lambert Republican Plattsmouth 2011-2013 Appointed by Gov. Dave Heineman. Defeated in 2012.
Bill Kintner Republican Papillion 2013-2017 Resigned
Robert Clements Republican Elmwood 2017-Present Appointed by Gov. Pete Ricketts. Elected in 2018.