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List of State Senators From LD20

Senator Party affiliation Residence Years in Office Notes
Lester L. Dunn Republican Lincoln 1937-1941
C. Petrus Peterson Republican Lincoln 1941-1949
Thomas M. Davies Democratic Lincoln 1949-1951
Robert D. McNutt Republican Lincoln 1951-1955
Ralph R. Perry Republican Lincoln 1955-1957
Fred M. Waggoner Democratic Lincoln 1957-1959
Fern Hubbard Orme Republican Lincoln 1959-1965 Redistricted to LD29
William M. Wylie Republican Elgin 1965-1967 Redistricted to LD40
Bill K. Bloom Democratic Omaha 1967-1971
Glenn A. Goodrich Democratic Omaha 1971-1991
Jessie Rasmussen Democratic Omaha 1991-1995
Jim Jensen Republican Omaha 1995-2007 Term-Limited
Brad Ashford Republican (2007-2011)

Independent (2011-2013)

Democratic (2013-2015)

Omaha 2007-2015 Term-Limited. Elected to Congress in 2014.
John S. McCollister Republican Omaha 2015-Present