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List of State Senators From LD26

Senator Party affiliation Residence Years in Office Notes
Richard C. Regan Democratic Columbus 1937-1939
Thomas L. Lambert Republican Columbus 1939-1941 Resigned.

Appointee not seated because Legislature was not in session.

Dudley E. Thompson Democratic Genoa 1943-1945
Ed Lusienski Democratic Columbus 1945-1953 Resigned
Robert C. Brower Republican Fullerton 1953-1957 Appointed
August Wagner Democratic Columbus 1957-1959
John O. Peck Republican Columbus 1959-1963
F.O. Gottschalk Democratic Columbus 1963-1965 Appointed
John E. Knight Republican Lincoln 1965-1971
Wally Barnett Jr. Republican Lincoln 1971-1978 Resigned to become State Fire Marshal
Louis K. Emry Democratic Lincoln 1978-1979 Appointed
Don Wesely Democratic Lincoln 1979-1999 Elected Mayor of Lincoln in 1999
Marian Price Republican Lincoln 1999-2007 Term-Limited
Amanda McGill Democratic Lincoln 2007-2015 Term-Limited
Matt Hansen Democratic Lincoln 2015-Present