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List of State Senators From LD27

Senator Party affiliation Residence Years in Office Notes
Edwin Schultz Republican Elgin 1937-1941
Elmer C. Rakow Republican Neligh 1941-1945
Edwin Schultz Republican Elgin 1945-1946
Nell Krause Republican Albion 1946-1947
Glenn Cramer Democratic Albion 1947-1957
John G. Donner Republican Elgin 1957-1961
Matt Wylie Republican Elgin 1961-1964 Died in Office
Fannie Wylie Republican Elgin 1964-1965 Appointed by Gov. Frank Morrison
Marvin E. Stromer Republican Lincoln 1965-1967 Redistricted from LD19
William F. Swanson Republican Lincoln 1967-1973 Appointed by Gov. Norbert Tiemann. Elected in 1968.
Steve Fowler Democratic Lincoln 1973-1983
Bill Harris Democratic Lincoln 1983-1987 Appointed by Gov. Bob Kerrey. Elected in 1984.
Stephanie Johanns Republican Lincoln 1987-1989 Appointed by Gov. Kay Orr.
DiAnna Schimek Democratic Lincoln 1989-2009 Term-Limited
Colby Coash Republican Lincoln 2009-2017 Term-Limited
Anna Wishart Democratic Lincoln 2017-Present