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List of State Senators From LD28

Senator Party affiliation Residence Years in Office Notes
Frank J. Brady Republican Atkinson 1937-1941
Tony Asimus Democratic O'Neill 1941-1945
Dennis Cronin Republican O'Neill 1945-1947
John L. Copeland Republican Mariaville 1947-1949
Frank Nelson Republican O'Neill 1949-1965 Redistricted to LD42
Hal Bauer Democratic Lincoln 1965-1967
Roland Luedtke Republican Lincoln 1967-1979 Elected Lt. Governor in 1978
Chris Beutler Democratic Lincoln 1979-1986 Resigned
James D. McFarland Democratic Lincoln 1986-1991 Appointed by Gov. Bob Kerrey. Elected in 1986.
Chris Beutler Democratic Lincoln 1991-2007 Term-Limited. Elected Mayor of Lincoln in 2007.
Bill Avery Democratic Lincoln 2007-2015 Term-Limited
Patty Pansing Brooks Democratic Lincoln 2015-Present