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List of State Senators From LD29

Senator Party affiliation Residence Years in Office Notes
Tracy Frost Democratic St. Paul 1937-1939
John Francis Doyle Democratic Greeley 1939-1941
Joseph T. Knezacek Republican Lincoln 1941-1943
John Francis Doyle Democratic Greeley 1943-1949
Hugh Carson Republican Ord 1949-1955
Leroy Bahensky Democratic Palmer 1955-1959
Jack Romans Republican Ord 1959-1963
Leroy Bahensky Democratic St. Paul 1963-1965
Fern Hubbard Orme Republican Lincoln 1965-1973
Shirley Marsh Republican Lincoln 1973-1989
LaVon Crosby Republican Lincoln 1989-2001
Mike Foley Republican Lincoln 2001-2007 Elected State Auditor in 2006.
Tony Fulton Republican Lincoln 2007-2013 Appointed by Gov. Dave Heineman. Elected 2008. Term-Limited.
Kate Bolz Democratic Lincoln 2013-Present