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List of State Senators From LD30

Senator Party affiliation Residence Years in Office Notes
John Knickrehm Republican Grand Island 1937-1939
Alva M. Johnston Republican Doniphan 1939-1941
Walter Raecke Democratic Central City 1941-1949
Louis A. Holmes Republican Grand Island 1949-1951
H.G. Wellensiek Republican Grand Island 1951-1953
Joseph D. Martin Republican Grand Island 1953-1957
Marvin Lautenschlager Republican Grand Island 1957-1963
Theodore C. Reeves Republican Central City 1963-1965
Fred Carstens Republican Beatrice 1965-1975
Bill Burrows Democratic Adams 1975-1983
Patricia Morehead Democratic Beatrice 1983-1988 Resigned
Dennis Byars Republican Beatrice 1988-1995 Appointed by Gov. Kay Orr. Elected 1990.
David Maurstad Republican Beatrice 1995-1999 Elected Lt. Governor in 1998
Dennis Byars Republican Beatrice 1999-2007 Term-Limited
Norm Wallman Democratic Cortland 2007-2015
Roy Baker Republican Lincoln 2015-2019
Myron Dorn Republican Adams 2019-Present