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List of State Senators From LD32

Senator Party affiliation Residence Years in Office Notes
Earl W. Carpenter Democratic Guide Rock 1937-1939
Daniel Garber Republican Red Cloud 1939-1949
Carl Lindgren Republican Campbell 1949-1953
William A. McHenry Republican Nelson 1953-1959
Kenneth Bowen Republican Red Cloud 1959-1965 Redistricted to LD37
Eric Rasmussen Republican Fairmont 1965-1968 Redistricted from LD23. Resigned.
Theodore C. Wenzlaff Republican Sutton 1968-1971 Appointed by Gov. Norbert Tiemann.
Richard Maresh Republican Milligan 1971-1981 Resigned.
Sharon Apking Republican Alexandria 1981-1983 Appointed by Gov. Charles Thone.
Don Eret Republican (1983-1984)
Democratic (1984-1987)
Dorchester 1983-1987
George Coordsen Republican Hebron 1987-2003
Jeanne Combs Republican Friend 2003-2007
Russ Karpisek Democratic Wilber 2007-2015 Term-Limited
Laura Ebke Republican (2015-2016)
Libertarian (2016-2019)
Crete 2015-2019 Changed parties to Libertarian in 2016.
Tom Brandt Republican Plymouth 2019-Present