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List of State Senators From LD33

Senator Party affiliation Residence Years in Office Notes
E.M. Neubauer Democratic Orleans 1937-1945 Served in Nebraska House 1925-1931

Served in Nebraska Senate 1931-1935

Ed Hoyt Republican McCook 1945-1952 Resigned
George H. Frazier Republican Oxford 1952-1953 Appointed by Gov. Val Peterson
Tom Coffey Republican Alma 1953-1955
Donald Thompson Republican McCook 1955-1965
Richard Marvel Republican Hastings 1965-1982 Redistricted from LD31. Resigned.
Clarence Jacobson Republican Hastings 1982-1985 Appointed by Gov. Charles Thone
Jacklyn Smith Republican Hastings 1985-1991 Resigned
Ardyce Bohlke Democratic Hastings 1991-2001 Appointed by Gov. Ben Nelson
Carroll Burling Republican Kenesaw 2001-2009 Term-Limited
Dennis Utter Republican Hastings 2009-2011 Died in office
Les Seiler Republican Hastings 2012-2017 Appointed by Gov. Dave Heineman
Steve Halloran Republican Hastings 2017-Present