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List of State Senators From LD35

Senator Party affiliation Residence Years in Office Notes
Willis Haycock Democratic Callaway 1937-1939 Served in Nebraska House 1933-1937
Albert Van Diest Democratic Taylor 1939-1943
Harry Burnham Republican Ansley 1943-1951
K.W. Peterson Republican Sargent 1951-1957
Dwain Williams Republican Broken Bow 1957-1961
Duke Forrester Republican Anselmo 1961-1965
Ira Paine Republican Grand Island 1965-1966 Died in office.
Don Elrod Democratic Grand Island 1966-1973 Appointed by Gov. Frank Morrison
Ralph Kelly Republican Grand Island 1973-1981
Howard L. Peterson Republican Grand Island 1981-1985
Arlene Nelson Democratic Grand Island 1985-1993
Dan Fisher Republican Grand Island 1993-1997
Chris Peterson Republican Grand Island 1997-1999 Resigned.
Ray Aguilar Republican Grand Island 1999-2009 Appointed by Gov. Mike Johanns. First Latino State Senator. Term-Limited.
Mike Gloor Republican Grand Island 2009-2017 Term-Limited.
Dan Quick Democratic Grand Island 2017-Present