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List of State Senators From LD37

Senator Party affiliation Residence Years in Office Notes
Hugh B. Ashmore Republican Palisade 1937-1941
Arthur Carmody Republican Trenton 1941-1955
George Hoffmeister Republican Imperial 1955-1957
Norval Dame Democratic Stratton 1957-1959
Dale Erlewine Independent Grant 1959-1965
Kenneth Bowen Republican Red Cloud 1965-1967 Redistricted from LD32. Resigned.
Richard Ely Republican Guide Rock 1967-1969 Appointed by Gov. Norbert Tiemann
Wayne Ziebarth Democratic Wilcox 1969-1973
Gary Anderson Democratic Axtell 1973-1977
Martin Kahle Democratic Kearney 1977-1984 Died in office
Jerry Miller Democratic Davenport 1984-1989 Appointed by Gov. Bob Kerrey
Doug Kristensen Republican Minden 1989-2002 Resigned.
Joel Johnson Republican Kearney 2002-2009 Appointed by Gov. Mike Johanns.
Galen Hadley Republican Kearney 2009-2017 Term-Limited
John Lowe Republican Kearney 2017-Present