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List of State Senators From LD40

Senator Party affiliation Residence Years in Office Notes
Allen Strong Republican Gordon 1937-1939 Served in Nebraska House 1933-1937
George Gross Democratic Valentine 1939-1941
Don E. Hanna Republican Brownlee 1941-1947
Joe Leedom Republican Gordon 1947-1949
Don E. Hanna Republican Brownlee 1949-1951
D.J. Cole Republican Merriman 1951-1959
Earl Hollenbeck Republican Long Pine 1959-1961
Elvin Adamson Republican Valentine 1961-1965 Redistricted to LD43
Chester Paxton Republican Thedford 1965-1967
William M. Wylie Republican Elgin 1967-1971 Redistricted from LD20
John DeCamp Republican Neligh 1971-1987
Cap Dierks Democratic Ewing 1987-2003
Doug Cunningham Republican Wausa 2003-2007 Redistricted from LD18
Cap Dierks Republican Ewing 2007-2011
Tyson Larson Republican O'Neill 2011-2019
Tim Gragert Republican Creighton 2019-Present