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List of State Senators From LD41

Senator Party affiliation Residence Years in Office Notes
Harry Gantz Democratic Alliance 1937-1945
William Hern Republican Chadron 1945-1953
J. Monroe Bixler Republican Harrison 1953-1959
George Gerdes Republican Alliance 1959-1965 Redistricted to LD49
Rudolf Kokes Democratic Ord 1965-1973
Dennis Rasmussen Republican Scotia 1973-1979 Resigned.
Donald Wagner Republican Ord 1979-1985
Carson Rogers Republican Ord 1985-1993
Jerry Schmitt Republican Ord 1993-2001
Richard McDonald Republican Rockville 2001 Died in office
Vickie McDonald Republican St. Paul 2001-2009 Appointed by Gov. Mike Johanns. Term-Limited.
Kate Sullivan Democratic Cedar Rapids 2009-2017 Term-Limited
Tom Briese Republican Albion 2017-Present