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List of State Senators From LD42

Senator Party affiliation Residence Years in Office Notes
Leslie B. Murphy Republican Scottsbluff 1937-1943
James H. Anderson Republican Scottsbluff 1943-1947
Otto Prohs Republican Gering 1947-1953
Terry Carpenter Republican Scottsbluff 1953-1955
Amos Morrison Republican Mitchell 1955-1957
Terry Carpenter Republican Scottsbluff 1957-1961
Theodore McCosh Republican Gering 1961-1963
Terry Carpenter Republican Scottsbluff 1963-1965 Redistricted to LD48
Frank Nelson Republican O'Neill 1965-1966 Redistricted from LD28. Died in office.
Francis D. Lee Democratic Atkinson 1966-1967 Appointed by Gov. Frank Morrison.
James Waldron Republican Callaway 1967-1975
Myron Rumery Democratic North Platte 1975-1982 Died in office.
James Pappas Republican North Platte 1982-1987 Appointed by Gov. Charles Thone. Resigned.
David Bernard-Stevens Republican North Platte 1988-1996 Appointed by Gov. Kay Orr. Resigned.
Donald Pederson Republican North Platte 1996-2007 Appointed by Gov. Ben Nelson. Term-Limited.
Tom Hansen Republican North Platte 2007-2015 Term-Limited.
Mike Groene Republican North Platte 2015-Present