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Welcome to the Wiki! While this is definitely still in beta mode, the goal of this site is to be an easy reference to the history of Nebraska politics, with a particular focus on the Nebraska Legislature.

As a starting point, here is the 1936 Nebraska General Election.

A few housekeeping notes:

Much of the biographical information on Senator pages is taken from the Nebraska Blue Book, a publication of the Nebraska Legislature.[1] Election information is either from the Blue Book or the archived canvass reports on the Secretary of State website.

Unless otherwise noted, Senator photos are from the Blue Book or archived versions of the Nebraska Legislature website. Current senator photos are from the Nebraska Legislature website.

The current legislative district "PVI" listed on the Nebraska Legislature page is derived from the Cook PVI formula[2] and Daily Kos' 2012 & 2016 Presidential results by legislative district.[3]

Obviously, partisan information is going to be difficult in some cases. The Blue Book included political parties in later years, but for earlier sessions I've relied mostly upon press accounts or partisan offices sought or held. Occasionally senators have switched party affiliations without fanfare, or shown no particular allegiance to one party over another, switching multiple times. (Terry Carpenter was notorious for this). To the extent possible I will provide as much context as I can.

Most of the Senator pages are stubs at this point, but every member in the history of the Unicameral has a page and all but a couple have a photo. This will be a lengthy and expanding project, and as it is a Wiki, anyone is welcome to contribute. I've tried to get the heavy template lifting out of the way.